Sesx flash

Sesx flash, the place where the favorite?
Sesx should not favor a long time. Many of the studies said that the only satisfactory ssex takes less than 3 minutes. Quickie sex or lightning also be variation delightful in your relationship. There are a few favorite places that could be a quickie arena page.
This is him!

1. Car
Cars is the place most often selected for sex flash. Moreover, the car is also still including the private area. However, should you do when the car in the parking lot in a safe place. Do not endanger safety by making quickie during the middle of driving.

2. Appliances
Talks on the ladder will be variations of its own. You can do it while sitting. However, make sure the house is quiet atmosphere yes!

3. Change rooms
See the pair tried to change clothes in the room can sometimes arouse desire. Talks in the room to change, can also. However, the need to remember, you must be extra careful. Change is the space where the public
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. Do not disturb other people. One-one, you even affected laws against Pornography.

4. Lifts
Other public places can also be places sex is a flash elevator. However, once again with the notes, for extra careful. Moreover, many elevator that is also equipped with CCTV. However, if still desperate, try select elevator in the building that high.
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