Failed Only brave people who dare to fail completely, will achieve total success. ERNYATAAN John. F. I believe Kennedy was the truth. It's not just rhetoric, but it has proven in my life journey. Total failure that was the beginning of my business career. At the end of 1981, I was not satisfied with the pattern of boring lectures. I am desperate to leave campus life. At that time I thought, that failed to gain a university degree does not mean failure in the pursuit of other ideals. In 1982, I then began to pioneer the business Primagama test counseling, which later turned into Primagama Tutoring Institute. I run a business with ups and downs. From the beginning a very quiet

enthusiasts - only 2 people - until finally bursting through Primagama demand can open branches in hundreds of cities, and became the largest tutoring agencies in Indonesia.
In social life, is that failure is a word that is not egitu nice to hear. Failure is not something desirable, and an event that every person does not want it. We can not deny ourselves, obviously still prefer to see a successful person from the view of people who fail, do not even like people who fail. So, if you're an entrepreneur who failed in business, so do not expect people will praise you. Do not expect all the people around
you and your relationship will understand why you fail. Do not expect you not to blame. Do not expect too all the friends are still around you. Do not expect you will get moral support from other friends. Do not expect too there are people who will lend money for temporary assistance. Do not expect banks will lend to the next. Why do I paint a picture that was so bad for the entrepreneur who failed? That's our society, tend to praise the successful and winning. Conversely, the losing blasphemy and failed. We should change the culture as
it, and provides the opportunity for every person on the second opportunity.
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